Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting File Name Meeting Date Download
PTA MEETING NOVEMBER 2021 PTA meeting minutes 17.11.21 17/11/21
PTA MEETING NOVEMBER 2021 PTA report and accounts 2020-21 17/11/21
Your Committee
  • Olivia Andrew

    Olivia Andrew
    (Vice Chair)

  • Lucy Holmes

    Lucy Holmes
    (Vice Chair)

  • Kripa Joshi

    Kripa Joshi
    (Vice Chair)

  • Lauren Richardson

    Lauren Richardson

  • Gyongyi Varfoldi

    Gyongyi Varfoldi
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Michelle Macleod

    Michelle Macleod

  • Ciska Paton

    Ciska Paton
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Leanne Irving

    Leanne Irving
    (Website Coordinator)

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